How to Propagate your Plants (in Water)

How to Propagate your Plants (in Water)


Since being in quarantine, I have been taking clippings of my mom’s plants, and some of my own to see which will grow roots in the water. This method is known as propagation. Propagating is a method used to take cuttings from one plant and growing it, to produce another plant. Propagating a plant is a fun and easy way to get more plants in your life. You can use your own, or your friends, and have more plant babies. A super easy method for propagating is to propagate the plant and put it in water. Although there is a little bit of work involved, it is super easy and will manage itself on its own.

Cut the Plant

If you are cutting a viney plant, make sure to cut a piece at least 6 inches long. Make sure you also include at least one leaf nodule, that the roots can grow out of. Remember, this process will only work for certain plants, like philodendrons, and pothos, but feel free to experiment with any plant you come across!

Growing Medium

For some plants, they need soil, however, some plants are able to grow in water, which is my personal favorite. Plants like philodendron and pothos are usually able to grow in water. Fill a glass jar with clean, filtered water. Using a glass jar isn’t necessary, but it is fun to see the roots grow through the glass. If you want to be extra fancy, try getting one of these propagation stations.

Watching Them Grow

Some plants will take around ten days to start growing their roots in water, some may take even longer. Just be patient. However, you should change the water about every 3 days, to ensure the water is clean and there is no algae growing in it. Check your plant as often as you want, you will slowly be able to watch the roots form and grow.

Your New Plant

Let your plants grow for as long as you want. Personally, I enjoy keeping mine in water, and think it’s a cool way to keep your plant. It is a unique way to use plants as decor. It can stay in the water and will continue to grow. New leaves will even begin to sprout again. If you don’t want to keep it in the water, you can pot it in some soil, and it will continue to grow. If you leave it in the water, just make sure that you are changing the water, and the roots don’t outgrow the size of the container! Have fun with your new plant- your old one just had a baby, which makes you a plant grandparent.

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