Ella Field

About Me


I’m Ella Field and I am currently a student at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. I am in the middle of my third year at Drake and I’m studying Environmental Science and Magazine Media. I am in love with the environment, journalism, and all things art. I am also a huge lover of knitting, coffee, crafts, gardening, and plants (ask me about my indoor plant collection). I have a strong background in photography and have been involved in the art for 7 years now. However, I have been doing it professionally for 3 of those 7 years. Because of my education in photography throughout the years, I have picked up a few skills along the way. I am also knowledgeable in design, graphic design, and love using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Professional Experiences

I have had countless jobs in my 19 years of living, from soccer referee to holding two internships, and have developed a strong work ethic. Before college, I had many small, part-time jobs that a typical teenager would have. However, I also started my own photography business when I was a junior in high school, and have successfully kept it running ever since. The summer after my first year at Drake, I was fortunate enough to have an internship at Gallagher, an Insurance and Risk Management company, in Rolling Meadows, IL. I had a wide range of tasks, including working with expense reports (Concur), analyzing expense reports and spending data through AppZen, answering a customer service email, designing professional documents, and doing work to improve Gallagher headquarters. I am excited to return to work for Gallagher full-time in the Summer of 2020. In the Fall of 2019, I started an internship with the Drake University Communications and Marketing department. I am currently the Web Intern and perform tasks involving the campus calendar and map, resolving broken link issues, and building and updating web pages for the Drake University and Drake Alumni website. Working in this department has brought me even closer to Drake and is always a blast. For more about my professional experiences, check out my resume!

College Experiences

While in college, I have been involved in some amazing experiences. I became the President of the Drake Environmental Action League (DEAL) in April of 2019. Since then, I have had a blast managing and improving this organization. Our overall goal is to improve sustainability on campus through education, service projects, campus initiatives, and fun. In April 2019 I also became the graphic designer for the 33rd session of Drake Student Senate. In my role, I have been able to create posters, social media graphics, and print materials for a leading organization on campus. This position allows me to spread my creativity, challenges me to stay within brand guidelines, and allows me to expand my design portfolio. In December of 2019, I took on two more leadership positions: VP of Public Relations for my environmental professional fraternity Epsilon Eta, and VP of Communications- Creative Director for the Drake Student Alumni Association (SAA). In both of these roles, I have been creating graphics for print and social media, including designing some fun stickers and buttons. Since Epsilon Eta has just recently started, nationwide and at Drake, I have been able to begin to create a brand for Epsilon Eta and improve our web presence. My experience with SAA has connected me with a great network of alumni, given me the opportunity to expand my portfolio, yet again, and work with a smaller team within a large student organization. Other than extracurriculars I have been able to enjoy so many fun and unique experiences at Drake. I have made some amazing friends and memories. With the Iowa Caucuses in February of 2020, I was able to participate in so many political events for about 9 months leading up to the caucuses. It was a lot of fun being able to be so politically involved, and seeing so many political events up close and behind the sciences. Right before the caucuses in February, I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Rwanda for a January term course between the Fall and Spring semester. During this course, 16 Drake students flew over 24 to this small, beautiful country in Africa to learn about its history, culture, ecotourism, and its wide array of ecosystems. We traveled around the country visiting the capital and the four national parks. We were able to see so many amazing animals, meet some of the best people, hike the most beautiful landscapes, and learn about the unique background and culture.

Before College

I was born and raised in Illinois and grew up in a town called Barrington. I graduated from Barrington High School in 2018, after spending K-12 in the Barrington 220 School District. While in high school, I began to develop a lot of skills and interests of mine. I took art and photography classes all throughout high school and even learned how to shoot and develop film (which has become one of my favorite ways to shoot now). I was also a very active member turned editor in my high school’s yearbook for two years. This allowed me to discover my love for journalism and design. I got to do a lot of cool things while involved in yearbook, including participating and placing in the Illinois state journalism competition for infographics (I know it sounds fake, but trust me it was real and makes me laugh to this day). I also took my first environmental science class, while in high school, and fell in love with what is now my primary major.

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